constant symbols

Physical Constants

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Acceleration due to Gravity

Astronomical Unit

Atomic Specific Heat Constant

Avogadro Constant

Bohr Magneton

Bohr Radius

Boltzmann Constant

Classical Electron Radius

Compton Wavelength

Earth Mass

Electron Atomic Mass

Electron Magnetic Moment

Electron Mass

Electron Volt

Elementary Charge

Faraday Constant

Gravitational Constant

Hydrogen, Atomic Mass

Ice-Point Temperature

Impedance of Free Space

Loschmidt's Constant

Magnetic Field Constant

Neutron Mass


Permeability of Free Space

Permittivity of Free Space/Electronic Field Constant

Planck Constant

Proton Atomic Mass

Proton Mass

Quantum Charge Ratio

First Radiation Constant

Second Radiation Constant

Rydberg Constant

Speed of Light in a Vacuum

Stefan-Boltzmann Constant

Unified Atomic Mass Unit

Universal Gas Constant

Vacuum Permability

Wien Displacement Constant

Zeeman Displacement

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